The River City Rollergirls were founded in 2006 and are full members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (the WFTDA). RCR is one of the sanctioned leagues in Richmond, VA. We practice at Rollerdome Skating Rink (4902 Williamsburg Rd.) and compete at the Greater Richmond Convention Center (403 N. 3rd St.).

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with the mission of empowering women athletes and supporting local charitable organizations.    Our league is made up of skaters age 18+ and a dedicated staff of referees and volunteers.  For information about joining our league as a skater, please contact the Training Coordinator, NucLeah at leah5553@gmail.com.

Roller derby enables our skaters and volunteers the opportunity to be a part of a fun, dedicated group of athletes participating in the fastest growing sport for women in the United States.  Each team consists of four blockers and a jammer vs. an opponent of equal numbers.  The blockers attempt to assist their jammer as she tries to make her way through the pack, while simultaneously inhibiting the other team’s jammer from progressing through the pack.  Every person the jammer passes counts as a point.  There are more detailed rules and information about the sport at the website for the WFTDA.  The best way to learn about Roller Derby?  Come to one of our upcoming home double header games and ask any rollergirl about the sport!  Be prepared to make a new friend.

Picture 1: RCR’s first travel team (2006)  Picture 2: RCR in March 2014
first travel teamnew rcr

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